*zadanie rekrutacyjne na stanowisko UX Translator w OLX

Task 1: Add your translation

The product designer and UX writer worked on this screen together and then sent it to you to translate. Take a look and add your translation on the column marked “PL”.


After a user has paid for an advertisement, they can go to their account and ‘promote’ it. This is the screen they see afterwards.

The basic version includes promotion on the cars website*, but they can also choose to promote it on OLX, as well as to apply the promotion later.

They can also choose how to pay.*Note: Also be aware that the words in the design are the initial draft of the designer. The text in the English column is the proper product copy written by the UX writer. Please translate the text which is in the English column.

Design mock EN PL
Context: Explanation for ‘Top of the results list’       Promote your ad at the top of the results page
Your ad will appear in the Promoted Ads and Featured sections and can get up to 360% more views.
For even more views, you can also promote your ad on our sister site, OLX.
Umieść swoje ogłoszenie na początku listy wyszukiwania.
Twoje ogłoszenie znajdzie się w sekcji ‘Oferty wyróżnione’, dzięki czemu zobaczy je o 360% kupujących więcej.
Zyskasz jeszcze więcej wyświetleń, zamieszczając ogłoszenie także na OLX.
Context: Where and when to promote       Where should we promote your ad?
Promote on OLX and Otomoto [PRICE]
Promote on Otomoto only [PRICE]
And when?
Later: Choose date                  
Gdzie chcesz wyróżnić ogłoszenie:
na OLX i Otomoto [cena]
tylko na Otomoto [cena]
Kiedy chcesz zacząć:
od teraz
później: wybierz datę
Context: Payment   How do you want to pay?
In my next invoice
With points
Balance: 845
Payment summary
Promote ad on OLX and Otomoto 103,45 euros
Button v1:
Invoice me 103,45 euros
Button v2:
Use 103,45 points        
Wybierz formę płatności:
zgromadzone punkty
Masz łącznie: 845 pkt
Podsumowanie płatności:
Wyróżnienie ogłoszenia na OLX i Otomoto 103,45 zł
Button v1:
Płacę 103,45 zł
Button v2:
Wykorzystuję 103,45 pkt  

Task 2: Critique the translation

Imagine you are browsing Otomoto and you come across this screen.

(To see it live, visit: https://www.otomoto.pl/osobowe/bmw/seria-1/seg-sedan/?search%5Border%5D=created_at%3Adesc&search%5Bbrand_program_id%5D%5B0%5D=&search%5Bcountry%5D=)

You click ‘Dodaj do schowka’ and you are shown this screen:

Can anything be improved with the Polish on this page?

To help you, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is it consistent?
  • Could it be clearer?
  • Is it the appropriate length?
  • Does it use an appropriate tone?
1. First of all I would delete „Wyszukiwanie zostało dodane do obserwowanych”, because it says almost the same as the white letters on the blue background („Wyszukiwanie zapisane w schowku”), which are just above.

2. To make this screen clearer I would start it without any blue area (of course cross, which can be used to close the screen, should not be deleted) and start with bolded „Zapisałeś wyszukiwanie w tymczasowym schowku”.

3. Then I would tell the user: „Zaloguj się do Otomoto, aby zachować je w swoim profilu na stałe”.

4. I would change writing in the grey area to simpler: „Jeśli chcesz dostawać powiadomienia od OTOMOTO, zaakceptuj ich otrzymywanie w przeglądarce internetowej”.

5. I would make two buttons in a different color to make them different from one another, i.e. ‘Zaloguj się’ can still be red and button ‘Utwórz konto’ could be a blue one.

6. In my opinion ‘Nie, dziękuję’ should be underlined to show the user that it’s active, although I understand that: not being underlined makes ‘Nie, dziękuję’ similar to for example ‘Wyczyść wszystkie obserwowane’ at www.otomoto.pl/obserwowane reacting for underlined and not underlined words was probably checked during user research (precisely usability testing, such as A/B tests).

Then, click on ‘Obserwowane’ at the top right corner of the page, and then on ‘Obserwowane wyszukiwania’. You will see this screen:

What do you think of the Polish here?

1. I’d change „Nie masz zapisanych wyników wyszukiwania” to „Brak zapisanych wyników wyszukiwania” (the nearest site „Obserwowane ogłoszenia” (www.otomoto.pl/oserwowane) also says „Brak obserwowanych ogłoszeń”, so I would make both of them written in a similar way).

2.Then I would delete the rest and communicate to the user much clearer, it means that I’d improve UX translation to: „Kliknij ‘Dodaj do schowka’ na liście wyszukiwania, aby zapamiętać frazę i zaznaczone filtry”.

Task 3: Find a translation

Visit otomoto.pl (on desktop, mobile version or one of our mobile apps; up to you) and find one example of a Polish translation you believe could be improved. Include:

  • the URL or a screenshot of what you would improve
  • why you would improve the translation
  • how you would improve the translation
The URL with translation I’d like to improve: www.otomoto.pl/obserwowane (screenshot above)

1. I’d change the current UX writing to:
„Brak obserwowanych ogłoszeń
Kliknij w ‘Obserwuj’ na stronie ogłoszenia albo na liście wyszukiwania, a wszystkie najciekawsze oferty będziesz mieć zawsze pod ręką”.

2. Why would I improve this translation? I’d change the UX writing because currently it’s not written with plain Polish and there’s some style and punctuation errors. Beside the sentence: „Rozpocząć obserwowanie ogłoszenia możesz na liście lub na stronie ogłoszenia” sounds really weird.

3. I don’t see the need to tell the user that all the ads will always be close at hand, also on their phone (always at hand means also on their phone).